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Wake up your life: how to change your perspective

Infinite possibilities, tut, coach, life change

It's time to take a fresh look at your life. Ask yourself if you are living the life of your dreams. Are you truly happy? I was there too. Living my life on auto-pilot almost in a hypnotic state. Waking each day at the same time, eating the same processed foods for breakfast and driving the same route to work each day. Coming home after work to mindlessly watch TV, eat dinner without really tasting my food and going to bed only to rise the next day and repeat the same, boring life.

Then without warning my life threw me out of it. I found myself leaving a long-term romantic relationship, being layed off from my job and finding out that the place I had recently moved into was going to be sold and demolished. Talk about getting a new perspective on life! But you don't have to experience the dramatic events that forced me to change, you can learn from my experiences.

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